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Hollywood Garage Doors Repair In Florida

Garage Door Repairs always occur at the most inopportune times. Hollywood Garage Doors has been around for a number of years and understands what is necessary for quality garage door repair solutions. We offer professional and dependable repairs for your residential and commercial garage door needs.


Call us today for broken springs, cables off or loose, doors that come off track, panel replacement or any other overhead garage door repair related issue. We will make sure your problem is addressed asap and for a low, affordable price!

At Hollywood Garage Doors we continually train our staff and installers to ensure that we are up to date with all the latest innovations and safety standards. Our professional technicians have been trained to do the job perfectly and without flaw. We use parts that are superior to what the door manufacturer originally provided in most cases. There are no hidden extras and no time charges. we stay as long as it takes to repair your door.

Garage door repair door jam in Hollywood

Our 24/7 garage door repair services in Hollywood Florida include:

• Cable broke

• Gear stripped

• Broken spring

• Grinding noise

• Cable came off

• Sensor problems

• Roller popped out

• Garage door crooked

• Garage door off track

• Accidentally hit garage door

• Garage door struggles to open

• Keypad or wall button won’t work

Expert repair service Hollywood Garage Doors

Whatever garage door replacement you need for your garage door in Hollywood Florida, whether simple or complicate, Let us handle the job for you. give us a call at 954 707 6546, where you can speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff.

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